Friday, August 6, 2010

The story of us: a ring?

Grandma Marie. (How I miss her)  She was the reason Cody and I went to Oklahoma City on one of our first dates. He was to pick her up at the airport. Only he'd never gone to the airport. He was unaware of the "one way ness" of the airport. It made me laugh. I'll never forget my first sight of grandma Marie waiting patiently for her grandson after he'd circled round and round the terminal. He always could make me laugh. 

Cody's grandmother had married her next door neighbor in February. Leaving his home vacant. 

Since we were in school and poor this was just what we were looking for. It needed a lot of work and he agreed to $100 rent. Something we could afford! We weren’t into debt so it all had to work out if we were really going to get married.I guess we figured  we'd just "live on love". Ha! If only you could.
After I knew he was serious and I told him about the ring I wanted, figured he should know what I wanted in case he wanted to make this official and all. 
The ring was my mother’s. She had gotten something on it from her mother. She hadn’t worn it in years. The diamond had fallen out and in the midst of raising 4 kids, attending too many ballgames and started a new church alongside my dad they hadn’t ever repaired it. 
As a little girl I love’d sitting in her vanity area and looking through the jewelry. I remember the box exactly. I’d always admired that ring. 
I asked (more like took probably) if I could give it to Cody, I’d like that to be my ring. 
So one day at the house I gave it to him in September. Gee, to know what went through his mind....
So I gave him 10 days to fix the ring and waited anxiously for the proposal of a lifetime! 

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