Sunday, August 1, 2010

anniversary gift & our story marathon....

Tuesday August 3rd marks my 14 wedding anniversary. 14 years have come and gone. While at camp, again, I wrote a lot on my anniversary gift.

When I walked in from Ft. Worth and visiting my brother I saw this.....

one all my stuff was gone. I believe my words were, "What have you done?"

Had I known it was mine I would've shouted. But I didn't know what to think till I saw this...

And I knew Mr. Incredible had outdone himself.  I am very excited and grateful. I needed a computer but this is a huge blessing! So Seattle will have to wait till next year (hopefully).

I recently talked with a young woman, eager and excited about starting a life in the ministry.

Here's what I've learned in 15 years (we were in a year before we married) that I wish I could tell her but won't. It's an adventure you live, you can't navigate it like you want. And while some similarities exist, you'll have your own story one day.

You may end up in a 12 by 12 one room apartment with IKea nowhere around with 4 kids everyday. You may have to send him off for a year to minister to our military not knowing when or if you'll see him. You may move to itty bitty towns with no stores far from STarbucks. You may have to care for children that smell, or clean up puke, or clean toilets when your trained to sing arias, write novels or teach college Bible classes. You may cry yourself to sleep worrying why he won't talk anymore when he  used to be open, honest, and real. You may ride side saddle on a motorcycle with your family of 5 all with you maneuvering between many moving vehicles. You may wish many times for the King of Kings to come and take over.

Hopefully you'll have the armor of a knight, the courage of a king, the grace of a queen and the hope of a princess. (Cooking, hospitality and piano playing aren't bad ideas either) May you have good friends to encourage you and sense to praise Jesus in the midst of a storm and pain. May you have treasures money can't buy, watermelons at your door and friends at your table. May your knees be worn from kneeling in prayer and your Bible marked through and through.

As a new blog I found put it....ministry is "oh so fabulous" 

To celebrate the journey and where it's taken us, I'll write with a tender heart this week....the final 8 chapters of "Our Story"

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