Thursday, July 29, 2010

missional #4 new friends

 I am writing at camp. And just met Todd. He’s the camp grounds manager and is heading to Haiti next week. Charis loved his dog, Beau or Bo? idk

Remember Haiti? The earthquake back in January 2010? 
He’s working with one of my favorite groups- Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief . Cody is trained to work with this group as well. I’ll let you guess which area. Todd will be building  $1500 cinderblock homes in Port au Prince. God bless them. Haiti needs the help. 
This is Carrington. 

She was Cady's junior sponsor at camp. She did the missions study one day at camp and did an awesome job. She is as sweet as the chocolate bar she brought from where she lives- Madagascar. 

Her family lives there and works to share the gospel message with the Madagasi. Her stories were wild and she inspired me to pray for this island country off the coast of Africa- where 18 million people live in poverty with horrible drinking water and little knowledge of Jesus Christ. Maybe God will send Cady there one day where she can see Carrington again.

I am so blessed to have gotten to know some of the people from NW OKlahoma at camp and these 2 new friends.

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