Friday, July 2, 2010

the bathroom remodel take 4

We are nearing the end of the first week. While we had hoped this whole remodel would take place while we were working in Alabama there were some things that needed to be done before. For this reason I find Extreme Home Makeover very hard to believe. To finish a home in a week completely takes an army of people and months of prep- I still find it hard to believe and imagine,  they must work around the clock for those 7 days.

None the less Thur. morn we got Justice Plumbing out to rip out the tub, prepare the piping and set the new tub. All needed before the cosmetic stuff could happen.

I am so ready to walk away and imagine wonderful things happening while I gone and then walk in the door to find it complete and ready for use! What are my chances of that really happening?

So here's the termite infested wood we found behind the wall.

And how we plugged the whole in the ground to stop the smell, Ronnie's idea.

 This is a story about tubs.

Good bye ol metal friend....I had wanted to refurbish that tub, metal tubs are hard to find these days but they convinced me to go fiber glass. Hummm we'll see......

Cady found the secret passage too cool this is looking from the closet into the tub area. I think I could make a secret passage between their closets, how cool would that be?

Ronnie on the spot- ready to go, wood replaced.

Mr. Plumbers (on right) got everything set and then noticed a crack in the fiber glass tub- ???? !!!!!!

Back track, make a plan- back to Lowes, good thing we have Friday left to get this done. Mr. Plumbers tried to convince me it was Friday and he wouldn't be working tomorrow. Uh no, it's Thursday and pls come back!

So in the mean time , Ronnie's designing tile lay outs with what we've bought and we've decided we need another color in the pattern

On a mad dash to Ardmore (not really in the plan for the day but duty calls) I found three 6 in travertine tiles to put on a diamond (the bottom layer is the majority tile) They were only a buck a piece! I LOVE Builder Bob.

While waiting on the tub exchange at Lowes I found some 12 in tiles, because I live an hour away from these places I bought both (exchanging is easier than extra trips later)

so what do you think? Help us decide...comment below which one I should do....

I have personal conviction in mixing them up- but I have been found lacking in judgment in the "matching" area numerous times- I plead guilty of decorating blunder.

Here they are mixed.

We have even played with extending the border up and down to create a "cross" Which would be appropriate for the "parsonage" We have scripture on our walls , why not, right? This is a home dedicated to his use. Our hope is that people would enter, feel at home and be themselves and find peace with God in the process.

One reader asked about this being a parsonage and I'd like to address this. Our church has modeled something I've never seen in all my 30 plus years of being in a pastor's family. Going beyond necessity to trust. Trusting us to remodel. I think it speaks volumes of the wonderful and genuine people of Velma Baptist Church. And even more about their Savior Jesus Christ and the love we have in our fellowship. I think in going with some of the natural stones we have gone with in the remodeling we've proven the Creator is far more creative and greater than any man or man made product. And we've been good stewards of the money allowed to come through our hands. Good products are long lasting, durable and valuable.

Unless Ronnie sends me pictures this will be the last we see until I return a week from Saturday .

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