Thursday, July 15, 2010

the bathroom remodel take 6 - it's done (almost)

Psalm 81:4 tlb
God has given us these times of joy.

I am so anxious to take you on the tour of the new bathroom. 

But before I do...
I have to give credit where's it's due

I won't list names of those on the building ministry team at my church- they don't want recognition. 
I won't elevate my church- we are just sinners made saints by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus shed on the cross to cover my sin. 

I will tell you this church is different. 
I live in a parsonage that has been nearly completely remodeled.
I grew up in a parsonage. I have many friends that live in parsonages. I know how this works. 
My mom tried to burn our parsonage down in NC one time. She was desperate for a remodel. JK

We have been here- 
cheering on the comets, going to THE annual Velma picnic, teaching the Bible, praying through sickness and death, rejoicing in marriages and births for 7 years.

We love this town, We love these people. 
The nice ones and the rude ones. 
God drew us here. He had plans. 
We obeyed, he's blessed.
Never easy, never dull

Amen. And Amen.


To say I am excited about this bathroom is an understatement! It is gorgeous and it is beautiful. It is a blessing to our family and those we seek to lead closer to Christ through our home.

Behold the porcelain throne room...

Funny story, the plumber told me yesterday not to use the laver for a couple of hours yesterday, 
" Oh ok sure, what about the sink? That too?" 
He just smiled, yes that too. 

Ok on with the tour....

A little closer up on the vanity. One piece. One shot deal, it was good, copper top :) 
Can't let the toothpaste set.

The mirror, ignore me.

Haven't brought accessories yet, using what I have. I learned this from DYI network. Move stuff around. Go shopping in another room. Mix it up. It's amazing. 

And now for the tile- I asked for help on facebook on this. I gave complete freedom to Ronnie in this. And he didn't disappoint. Always asking me what I liked but continually giving options. The end was clearly beautiful.

Yes we put a cross in tile in a bathroom. 

Some before and afters.....



Velma has always let my family be a family, they have forgiven much, we aren't perfect. Even when Charis flashed them all at VBS 2 weeks ago....they still laugh and go on.

I want to say one more thing. The things we've put in our home are nice and it's a blessing that our church was able to provide this in the parsonage. But our hearts aren't into building our own stuff here in Velma.
Our church voted this year to give more in a single gift to build a church in India than this whole remodel project cost. One day I hope to go see that church building and praise God in it. 
Our Father, 
Who art in Heaven, 
Hallowed be your name, 
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.........


a week or so after I originally wrote this post Cody received a picture via facebook of the church in India, which has been built since Feb. 

Check out those granite floors! And get this they even named it Velma Baptist Church! Using what we have to give back at home and around the world. 


Angela said...

That is gorgeous! I LOVE the cross and the orange is a pretty color, too. It is so nice and I know you are happy! Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Sandy said...

Very beautiful; great choices; my colors, too. Happy for all of you. Looking forward to 31st.