Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Home- the revolving door

Well we are settling in to a more summer break pace after 5 weeks of intense church activities. I still can't believe it's over and I survived!

T-shirt: ministry summer 2010 survivor.

More on that later...

What I love about my home is that there are no totebags involved. I love to travel but I love home. I love my knives. I missed my knives cooking in Alabama. I love my "office". I love my spices. I even love the neighbors.  

I am eager to finish the "story of us"- my goal is to finish by our anniversary, I have 3 weeks. But before I do I have thoughts on my home and the revolving door that may be installed later this summer.

Just Kidding (jk) on the door. The last 2 nights I haven't gotten in bed before midnight. I have had guests. And they've all been boys. Some of them stunk, (the ones under 12 :) But I am not complaining. I always wanted a house full of boys. Not that I mind my girls, I just always wanted more than one boy. ????? So are we done yet? As in family complete? Hummm?

So we entertain A LOT. I cook  A LOT, and I LOVE it. We used to be cool and  young. Now we get so excited when teenagers want to hang out with us. Silas is only 3 years away from teenager. We are parents now not cool big brother/sister. It's an inevitable shift.

I am currently going through this book
With these people

What I love about this book is the honesty and wit of the writer and the recipes. She is hitting on something I've been pondering since the cooking through that cook book in Jan/Feb. Feeding people is Sacred Business.

It's over the dinner table or on a couch and double chase that we delve into deeper relationships and stronger faith. Around those we cry over lost dogs or sick grandparents and rejoice over Jesus' gift of forgiving our sins and new life or a new move and an upcoming mission trip.

The day before we left for Alabama was crazy. My doorbell rang no less that 10 times- (no lie, I counted) And they weren't neighbor kids.

  We have a lot of Indian outlaws around here, the cowboys are on it. Protecting the cowgirls like they should.

So one special guest was the girl on the left.

She and I go way back. You may remember her from here. 
I was in her wedding in October. She married a guy in the Air Force and has been in Abelene, TX. She came to tell me they are getting sent to England before November. Scarey. Exciting. We needed to talk. I am so glad she came.

She was after the plumbers & Ronnie. And a couple of sweet people bringing snacks for our trip.

The girl on the right is Hill Billy. I took her to camp years ago. I'll never forget how all her friends tried to convince her to be saved. They learned you can't make people follow Jesus, no more than I can make someone love me. Jesus draws people to himself. And you can't resist him. Some try but I don't know why- Peace with God is a beautiful thing. Well when the Lord started drawing her she came, and last year she felt led to go on a mission trip to England. We've been praying all year for her. She got back 2 days ago and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Then after she left this guy showed up.

And we just happened to have food. The salsa that day was horrible. Too much pepper.

His last words to us before he left were, "Hey I can help this fall, where ever ya need me, with kids or stuff" The next day when Cady forgot her glasses in Velma as we where headed to Gulf Shores, Al we called and asked if he wanted to come bring them and join the trip. And he came! Cady will never forget it.

The day was good, fun and hopeful, then I got a bad call- someone was giving up and going back- long story but I cried in bed that night. I cried because I couldn't make her believe and trust God for more. More than what she can see. God waits to be wanted. I cry because I have been there too- stuck between what you see and know and a promise of something more but not sure if it's worth the leaps of faith and loss. So we pray. Pray for God to change her heart. Only he can.

Tomorrow I will post a favorite deep dish pizza recipe Cody has for our parties with "the customers" (that's what our kids call the people who come through the revolving door).

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