Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden Fare

Well we are mid season and the produce is well....

meager .

It is what it is....

We've had good rain this year, slow and steady, the green beans have been ok, not as many as I'd like but good...

My squash plants are driving me insane, I am about to start frying the blooms- cause that's all they do- bloom, there's no produce, no real fruit- they are "for show" only

don't get me started on how this relates to walking with Christ- If I get this frustrated with plants who don't bare fruit I can only imagine how it grieves God when those who call themselves believers don't bare fruit of the spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faith and self control

My tomato plants however are delicious and bountiful, I couldn't be more proud!

Several years back we bought strawberry bushes, we got some of the biggest ones this year we've ever gotten, still not enough to do much with but hey improvement is good! I'll buy more next year...they are fun for the kids to pick

Despite my huge disappointment with my squash, the very day I wanted some to cook up, a friend brought some by- I can't help but think God sent them.

And yesterday a different friend asked me to come get a large quantity of tomatoes and peppers - to which I said yippee- salsa time! We are divided in this home as to what good salsa should taste like - I got an "ok" from the head taste tester but I thought it turned out well. Wish you could taste a sample!

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