Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missional #2- my students version

I know a lot of people going on mission trips this summer. Some are family, some friends, & are some students I've taught! I shared about 3 trips in June. And did 6 posts on the trip I organized to Gulf Shores, AL. I already wrote about Hillary's trip to the UK. (Our home the revolving door post)

My 15 year old piano student Douglas is in the UK this week with Go missions. I brought him back  Euros from my trip to Nepal. He lit up. He really wanted to go on this trip. I helped him go financially. So I feel like I went too. Neat thing I went to camp in NW Ok and met a guy that served with him on that trip. Here's a link to all the team updates. IGO ministries sends groups all summer.

But this week I got to visit with a friend and former student - Chelsey Grudy

We had breakfast for lunch! My favorite. Silas was at his cousins so it was a girl thing. I have taught Chelsey and all her girl cousins. I absolutely love this family.

Chelsey is a peanut butter on pancake girl! I tried it, it was good. No juice here- Mountain Dew.

In the sunglasses front row ,  is Whitney Hall. I teach her sister. She is an amazing athlete and has recently won a national title in the High School Rodeo Circuit. That is the extent of what I know about that. She's good, real good. Her family is another one of my favorites. Down to earth, God fearing, fun to be around- sweet people. She went with Bethel Assembly, her church on this mission trip as well.

The fed the hungry.
Prayed for those in need.

Saw a lot of new stuff- inner city, poverty, drugs, lost people. They also saw the ocean, some for the first time.

They made phone calls for the organization, helping out those who do this year round.

More feeding the hungry.

My favorite story was when they were serving soup to the homeless they were worried they wouldn't have enough. They prayed for enough and at the end it was more than enough- some of my readers aren't believers (yet!) but those of us who are believe it was a miracle.

stay tuned I have more stories....

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