Saturday, July 10, 2010

Families on Mission days 6-8

I am writing this from my kitchen desk area. Glad to be home. Extremely glad to have internet again. For the record I had more internet service in Nepal than I did in Alabama. Thanks for waiting on the videos and hanging in there.

Common question - " How did it go?"

Generic answer " Good "

The thing is we went, we served, we helped, we were kind, we were available, we let our kids see if you can teach Bible stories and pass out water in Velma, you can do it Alabama.

Silas singing before we left...


As Bishwa told me in Nepal and Heather Williams mentioned on our trip- it's an introduction, a beginning. I hope to one write that Colten's doing medical missions in Hondurus and Nena's leading her own group somewhere. I hope Silas is singing in Equador and Cady drawing in South America. I hope David is drumming on a hand made drum in West Africa and Morgan's "making melodies" where God leads her. 

Wednesday included day camps in the am and some much needed rest in the pm. We did a little shopping and ate out at Lamberts. Quite the experience.

Thur. included day camps again in the am and some wave riding and pool swimming in the afternoon. The oil workers were at our condo's beach area all afternoon, we talked with them as much as they would. They are kinda there but not wanting to be there. I got the idea they were told to not talk.

 Not sure what they were doing here but this is at the state park headquarters area.

This is what we saw mainly. And the occasional tar ball. Largest we saw was about the size of a small hamburger.

The waves were huge! easy 7-8 foot swells at times. We got a real pounding. I rode the boogie board. I left 2 times and kept going back. The ocean draws me. Like the Lord. I just can't get enough. With this horrible oil spill you just don't know what next year will be like, ya know? I rode while I still could.

That night we needed a miracle. The kids were scheduled to perform at one more rv resort- Anchor's Away. They were hot, the bugs were BAD, the pool was really cool and inviting. They pulled it off despite some technical difficulties with the sound system.

Friday we did our last day of day camp, presented the gospel as clear as we could, got addresses, promised to write and set off for home.
 Trinity on the left was there every day. She was so sweet. She knows Jesus, we made sure!

All of us in my  van were missing loved ones so we left as soon as mission completion. The other 2 families stayed a little longer.

13 hours later we pulled into the best place on earth- home. Where tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of our lives. Where we'll have many more opportunities to be kind to random people, to make conversation about things that really matter and to serve the One, True and Living God along side neighbors , friends, and family.

The trip meant something different to each person, I hope you'll ask them and dig deeper when they respond "It was good" . Ask them why they went, how they'll live now in light of last week- and ask them if they'll go again when God brings an opportunity to help others outside of our town.

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