Monday, July 5, 2010

Families on Mission day 4

The internet isn't fast enough to include the videos like I'd hoped to do. So here's a list until better internet...

1. It's awesome seeing your friends serve. I thought it'd be fun watching the kids and it has but to watching Jimmy Miller jump in and do what ever is needed, seeing Wade Williams fish for scripture with a little boy at day - there's something so cool about that.

2. Chris Sanner made it today. He came to our Cady's rescue when we got off without her glasses the other day. He brought a co-pilot Cody Foster with him. We've enjoyed getting to know Cody.

3. Our kids are sick of doing our patriotic songs. Their performances are showing that. Tonight Silas took his eyes off me, the director. And he got off, he messed up. He'd done well the 2 times before. Our whole team is like that- we need to spend time in meditation and prayer alone- keeping our focus on God , following his lead each day or we can get out of rhythm, off key, confused and messed up pretty quickly.

Today's video - Colten talks ....

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