Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charis, the kitty, and Clara (the cat)


the kitty next door (who has gone missing today)

 Charis and the kitty

things are much different with the kids in school

we work hard at not trying to work, which is hard work when you can't sit still

we get distracted quite easily

like the book, If you give a mouse a muffin- one thing just leads to another and today somehow we started playing with kitty, till she/he (idk) decides she's had enough and goes home

charis has learned to stay on our side of the street, it's the highlight of the year, remember this?

and before you knew it he was back....the elementary music teaching training in me wanted to burst out in song "but the cat came back, he couldn't stay away...."

Which leads me to Clara....

I have been teaching privately for 16 years now. I never set out to be a private music teacher, I love the classroom and the paycheck and hope to return one day. I have one particular student who doesn't want to take lessons, I am going to introduce her to Clara the Cat this week. Who can resist learning piano with a cat? I am hopeful.

I am so thankful for work, for students and parents, for Clara Schumann and Alfred publishing...
For my man who blessed me with a new camera and a new laptop in the same year!
I am even thankful for distractions and all the precious moments I have with Charis each day.

update: my student loved Clara the Cat!!

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