Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Wednesday Morning


Simplicity. The state of being not the patten company. 

Uncombined. It's an synonym for Simplicity and I like it.

It's what I'm working on in my life right now. 

After a emotional morning again fighting the world and it's distractions, I finally sat down and got what I needed. 

A filling. Like the parched flowers that surrounded me, in my hurry I'd neglected the WORD of God, my covering, and a filling of the HOLY SPIRIT. Cause left to myself I am Lori-lead and that gets bad, fast. 

If you don't know HIM (Jesus) This sounds weird, I know, but to know him is to be changed... simple.

So you won't "get it" unless you start thinking about Him more. He is spirit, and HE is real, just as real as the wind that I feel on me right now, that I see moving the things around me. 

My baby introduced me to a new thought that excited me. I am sure it came from God. But his little messenger today was beyond cute. Adorable.

She walked over to the dried up leaves waving in the wind and said, "They are dancing and they want me to dance"

and she didn't waste time, she started joining in the dance!

Here's a few pics...

Oh  that I join the dance around me....God's working all around....

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