Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best story I've heard in awhile

My eyes are swollen as I sit here typing away. Cody is watching a sad documentary over a Russian Terrorist Attack. Stories. People's amazing stories. I am in awe.

2 weeks ago I picked up a book in Hastings that rang a bell, (still don't know what bell but it may have been at my brother's house, they did tell me they have the book) Same kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

I didn't buy the book but wrote it down to search for at the library. When I stopped by last week they had it. I had read a chapter here and there, but by page 100 I couldn't get enough. I have cried for the last hour and a half. Only to come into this room and hear more heart wrenching stories.

I think I was gripped most by the surprise recount of his wife's battle with cancer- I was under the assumption the book was about philanthropy work, really didn't think it had anything to do with God either. There was one mention on the back cover and that one mention made me want to read it. But I nearly quit reading it. Oh my SO glad I didn't- it's an amazing, emotional account packed with true faith and Jesus and his saving grace and willingness to change lives- the homeless and the wealthy. I loved that I knew most of the places mentioned in the book. Cody spent several years commuting to seminary there. I even checked out the mission's website and want to take my students down for a service!

Here's the book cover

Click here for a link to some great quotes and a review of the book, you can google it and get others

Click here for the link to the Gospel Union Mission on Lancaster St in Tarrant Co.

And lastly Denver Moore telling us he's a Nobody telling Everybody about the SOMEBODY that can save anybody!

There are many videos on youtube featuring the authors.

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