Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cross Church update

I am going way back to one of my first posts on this blog....click here for full details

Look at this-

my baby was itty bitty and unmobile and hairless

now look at her...

she demands coffee

Charis was 7 mo old when she accompanied me and 3 college age girls to San Diego, CA to help my life long best friend, Becky Graves

here we are then at a ladies event we put on that weekend

the food that day was wonderful, the tea - unforgetable and the weather - unseasonally HOT!

I have listened to Becky's fears and trials and rejoiced with the triumphs, accomplishments and salvation reports from the church God has them pastoring- CrossChurch San Diego.

Sunday night's report was amazing-

Becky's boys, 11 year old twins, went to middle school this year. It was a prayer request to say the least . Fear is more the word. There is little is any Christian influence at this school. Her boys have been embracing the challenge and inviting their friends to their youth group.

They got permission to hold a see you at the pole rally last week- while the principle put them in the parking lot a Christian teacher took them to the flagpole where they should've been-

Despite other  teacher's threats and 7th and 8th grade mockers they continued to pray. Noah led the group. By the end their prayer for 30 was answered and that Christian teacher took note and when she talked to Noah about his leadership abilities he quickly asked to start a Christian club on campus.

I told that story to Silas Sunday night, he then prayed that God would help him live the Christian life when he got older. I ended the prayer time praying he'd see that you don't wait, God wants to use him right now in 4th grade. Monday night he beemed as he recounted the 4H meeting that day when he was elected chaplain of the group. I said, "You know what a Chaplain does ? " He said, "Leads in prayer" When he realized that was what Nate and Noah were doing too he smiled.

Greater things are yet to come at Cross Church. Join me in praying for them....you can visit their website here

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