Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday- Weigh In Day

-3.7 lbs

I needed to see progress, I was getting weary.

Another verse from yesterday's Bible Study-

2 Chronicles 26:5 " As long as the king sought the Lord, God have him success."

A question that keeps entering my mind- Would I be doing this if there wasn't a monetary reward involved? Is God using the reward to motivate me or am I seeking money over him? At this point I don't know for sure.

I feel it's a contest, I've been in those before. Sing your heart out and lose. A couple of years ago I was on stage strapped for cash singing Somewhere over the Rainbow with a ukelele (try and contain your laughter as you visualize that) seeking money not God's glory. The competition wasn't high, I should've won. But I didn't. Lesson learned- do not try to get rich quick.

But this feels like work, it's hard work. So I just don't know.

Another thing that interests me is God's rewards. While we don't hear  a lot about it the Bible is clear - there are rewards for following and trusting him-

God knows who'll win this contest I'm in and I'm gonna rejoice with whomever he gives that favor to because that's Biblical (Romans 12:15). And I will do it with a genuine heart because the money is  not "my why". I'm not doing it to get rich quick. Not that the money wouldn't help out at Christmas time but my God owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills and can provide money for Christmas anyway he chooses-

Just thinking on screen.

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