Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silas's New Bike

Well we thought we'd reward the child labor we have imposed upon our oldest son.

With a new bike

He helped Cody cut wood last winter and helped with some yard work last Saturday so Cody took him afterward to get him a new bike.

The boys around the neighborhood have been riding bikes a lot lately. It's a childhood rite of passage. Makes me nervous, I'll admit but I am learning to trust my baby to Lord. I will forever hate that they are growing up and out of my control but my mother gave me timeless wisdom regarding that-

She said, "If they didn't grow you'd cry your eyes out about that, too"

Yea, your right. Love you mom!

Cody rebuilt his old bike that his dad had kept a year ago. For what it cost to fix up the old we could've bought a new but I tend to be nostalgic too so I didn't say anything. But the old bike's brakes when out and a couple of weeks ago he ran into the life center at church. And we are going through shoes at an alarming rate.

Funny even with the new bike he would still stop with his feet. Sounds human doesn't it. God has given us new lives and freedom through his salvation and yet we still revert to old ways of thinking. He hadn't taken the time to learn all that that bike had to offer. Likewise there is more in Christ if we'll open our eyes.

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