Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday weigh in day-week 2

-2. 7 lbs Yes!

This weeks been harder, but results help.

I told you I'd digress more into my history with food.

I came into the world 33 years ago Friday (immediately following OU's game of the century) at 8lbs 8oz.

I have never been called skinny. Well there was a time in 9th grade I wanted to impress a certain person and choose to not eat for 3 months and the weight came off. Then when I made up for lost time, eating large amounts, I decided to throw up. A lot. Through the grace of God and attentive parents I have come a long way since then.

I WILL NOT blame my parents- something I have done before (probably before I became a parent myself) . Something I have realized recently is that they taught me how to fight. The Enemy has no hold on me. But he'll try and tempt me in the same areas my own ancestor's struggled in. So while a good example helps no generation is immune from sin, we are all bent toward evil and selfishness. And the only way we get victory is staying in God's word and keep working it out his way not my way.

So later today I will post all my scripture card verses and digress a little more....

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