Sunday, September 5, 2010

Us through Cady's eyes

My daughter

Loves food. (showcasing her appetizers in a hallow bread bowl)

Hard to wake up in the morning.

Generally on the grumpy side.


Quite honest.

She brought home a paper from GA's tonight that is classic Cady.

Just call her Olivia.

And call us crazy apparently.

She did well capturing the hair.

This rendition of the family cracks me up and will likely make it to a profile picture.

Silas is yelling, she is mad, my hair is up like always and we won't talk about Cody....Charis' hair is dead on...curls and top not.

Cady has been a surprise at every stage of the game. From her conception to her gender to her blue eyes and blond hair, to her unique personality. God has big plans for this one , who tells me quite often she's waiting for God to speak to her. I know he will. And I will jump up and down the day he does and she says yes! And she will look at me and say, " Would you stop, you are embarrassing me."

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