Monday, September 20, 2010

On Being a Musician

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a local pastor if I could lead music at his church Sept. 19th. I received little instructions, translation- lots of freedom. Not sure what he had in mind but we did something.

I am forever a teacher so I took the opportunity to incorporate a student of mine that's capable of playing keyboard. My first thought was I'd lead on guitar and he'd play keys.

 But we wanted some drums.

So last Sunday morning after church service I went up to a drummer friend and asked, "You want to play drums with me next week? " Meet Ricky McCord.

He didn't skip a beat, " Yes" and by Tuesday he had a bass and lead guitar hooked up for me. These guys play together in the band , Eagle Eye Annie.

Meet Greg Solomon and Chris Tugman. (pics off their website, this isn't the church lol)

I have been working with a kid band for over a year now, we've lead music 2-3 times at our church and several times at kid worship on wed. nights. It was in prep for our Alabama trip.

 I've forgotten what it is to work with better musicians than myself. It's intimidating.

Not that I don't want to learn, I very much do. I just was feeling like I should be better than I was. But somewhere in the last 11 years of teaching, 3 pregnancies, house management and pastor's wife stuff and a multitude of volunteer projects- performing and serious practicing haven't been done.

It's time to change. It's time to quit giving mediocrity to the Lord.

Me and the boys did 6 songs Sunday and I pray those who heard them were lead to the Lord not us.

I am a worshipper not a performer but that's no excuse for not playing better.

So I gave it my all- gave God my hands (and sore finger tips) and I played acoustic rhythm guitar in a band. And LOVED it!

But before we played I suffered some serious doubts and pride. I hate that about being musical- the need for human applause. Cody reminded me I play to audience of ONE, God alone. He made me musical and he gets all the glory for what comes out of these fingers/voice.

It's because of his Amazing Grace I can even play.

Greg's rendition of Amazing Grace on harmonica was so moving Sunday- and he's from North Carolina!!

Rocking the Hymns,

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