Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Birthday

Last Friday was my birthday.

How bad could it be, it was a Friday- my favorite day of the week.

We had many ideas and options for the weekend and none worked. Oh well.

Cody gave me a credit card ok and told me to go shopping. I was really excited about taking my two girls shopping in Norman. We had no obligations- no time restraints.

Norman is my favorite OKlahoma town, for several reasons- it reminds me of my beloved North Carolina, it's a college town, I worked there before Silas was born, it has a small town feel with big city shopping and eating options....

My sister in law and I worked about a mile away from each other and we ate together some- never the same place twice, she lived in Norman 6 years.

Cody and I would carpool together on Mondays, he would drop me off in Norman and go to school all day in Shawnee. We'd meet back up for dinner in Norman- a weekly date. We couldn't wait for kids. Those days were so long ago. My favorite was the Mont.

Why I love Norman and have always loved the Sooners may also stem from the details that surround my birth-

I don't remember at my 10 year old birthday but on my 20 and 30th b-days they re-posted the story of this epic game in the papers. Click here to read about it.

Here's the video...imagine my mother sitting in labor and my dad saying, "Ginnie do you think you can wait?"

watch at the end how happy they family was doing the same thing several hours later when I entered the world at 8:55

Back to my birthday shopping trip in Norman...

I live 70-80 miles from Norman. 30 miles into the trip I am having to stop and let Charis pee- we've stopped in a lot of small towns and weird places in the last year- we have many pee stories...

And that's where it went downhill, Charis ran around like she was 2 or something, a hollered like she was a Deevers or something... Cady wanted EVERYTHING she saw. By the time Cody and Silas met up with us I was too tired to get out of the car. So we went home.

But before I did I bought these...

They made my day.

Here's the side that was right next to Charis' car seat...

I planted them immediately. I love pansies. I love getting them for my birthday. I love the color. Something about nature and beauty that is so inviting.

I also got from my friend Leona and daughter the best coffee! and coffee beans- they were my treat for my birthday.

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