Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

I love the pumpkin patch.

I love the book the pumpkin patch parable (by Liz Curtis Higgs). I even put it on youtube for all to see.

When my sister in law invited us to our local pumpkin patch I planned for the whole family to go. What else where we going to do it was OU's bye week?

Cody wanted to chop wood. I don't know why, Lord knows we have enough for awhile. Ok I do know why we are selling it for Christmas money - anyone want some wood? 65$ a rick

But he came home and was willing to go until a phone call came with a better offer. Shooting targets.

So we let Silas decide.

 I just so happened to have my camera in hand when we called him from his bike gang. I must post about this motley crew. I want to make them shirts "Sons of Democracy"

I knew this moment was huge, so I captured it on film.

"Do you want to go with Charis to the pumpkin patch and the rest of your family or do you want to go shoot guns?"

The look of a young boy leaving childhood behind.

I wasn't forcing anyone to the pumpkin patch, not on this perfect day.

"I want to shoot"

I didn't make a big deal out of it. Cady and I took Charis to the pumpkin patch and they loved it.

When did my baby turn boy out grow a pumpkin patch?

Was there ever a time he loved the pumpkin patch trips? Or am I in denial here?

I did a little digging...

See? He liked it right?

He braved the corn maze and mastered the slides, petted the goats and fed the ducks and rolled pumpkins around....

back in 2004

and this made me laugh....


Now outgrown.

Thank goodness for this one.

I'd have not had a trip to the pumpkin patch on my perfect fall day if it weren't for her!

Glad for my scrapbooks,
the sentimental totegirl

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