Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Exercise

Along with eating in moderation, drinking lots of water and getting good sleep- I exercise.

I started with walking. I had a partner, a friend. I found a time that works good. In the morning when I have energy. I am less likely to do it later.

I took Nikki's (our contest organizer and encourager) advice and did 5 days a week. I had done zumba before and have the music, I love to dance (oh but ya'll know that click here if you forgot). So to mix it up and have something on the one rainy day in the last 4 weeks I do 30 min. of zumba.

Then after a couple of weeks and after I'd lost some weight I wanted to step it up again, living 30 min from trainers and gyms is limiting. If I'm anything I'm resourceful (but you knew that too click here to see what I did with my kids rooms in August). So I decided to put those P90X videos Cody bought back in the summer to use.

I don't like their length, I usually can't do hour and 1/2 long workouts but I tried the cardio x workout and it was 40 min, did yoga, plyo, kempo and core stuff and it was doable. And Tony is a good trainer. A little silly but it works for me, so I added one of those a week to the walking and zumba.

On the weekends I don't usually workout, I like to spend the time with the big kids- but I do keep moving. It's good for them and me and fun-

We jump.

We also play a little.

We jump till we are tired and then lay on our backs and watch the clouds float by. It is one of our favorite things.
The heavens declare the glory of God....

What do you do with your kids to stay active? How can you move with kids of all ages?

The best things in life aren't found in bags,
the backyard jumper

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