Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dance

In the last 5 months I'd gone from walking through Homeland looking at pies to wanting a ring on my finger. We had gone from "We'll I had fun tonight" to half hour long good night kisses. The passion was not hard to find.Hard to stop yes...more later....but for now...I found long hair irresistible and he had it going on.

If I had periodic moments of unbelief in how we'd managed to fall in love, Cody might've had several long conversations with himself over the whole thing.

For one I was in high school. We were 4 1/2 years apart.

Secondly, I had bangs! (They lasted 6 months and he talked me into growing them out).

Third, He'd been engaged before.

And then there was the whole camero thing.

Weeks after we started dating but before "officially" being a couple, he went and sold it. Something about an idol in his life and that God told him to sell it. Which that only made him more attractive to me. The fact that he'd do whatever it took to obey God and follow him.

I had a list. I love lists. A list of what to look for in a husband. There were 22 items on the list. I wish I could say I always referred to that list upon dating someone but I didn't. God alone kept me out of trouble and I am forever grateful. At some point though I figured out one thing. One thing that would settle the rest. He had to Love the Lord with all his heart,mind, soul and strength. On the list it says "Sold out Christian, willing to do what God wants". I figured if he loved the Lord and would do what ever it took to follow him, he'd love me too and would do whatever it took to love me like Christ loved me.

So, the camero...he'd taken a pink camero and turned it into this....

A beautiful thing.

Well whatever the reason he kept coming back. Even when I beat him at chess.

I have another theory why he stayed but you'll have to ask him.

But if there was ever a reason to really think twice about dating me it was the incident that happened a year before.He, my sister and I alone know about this until now. It's time to tell.

My sister and I along with others started the first youth praise band at Immanuel Baptist. My sister is more gifted on the keyboard than I am and was playing that evening. We ran 75-100 youth each Wed. night and met in the gym/fellowship hall area. All our equipment was out but Debbie and I were the only ones there. Since the move to Ok we'd become closer. Moving half way across the nation to a foreign land in the middle of your teenage years will do that. I am forever grateful for my sister. (Although she and Cody didn't exactly get along either...that's another story)

Regardless, that Wed. afternoon she was on the keyboard practicing away. Probably Beethoven's Fur Elise (she played it so much I learned it from hearing her play it). And in a moment of sister/girl craziness I started dancing. Dancing through the isles. I was a closet dancer. Well not if you count show choir but these moves I didn't do in public. They weren't provocative, they were expressive. They were hilarious. Made up. Crazy.

And about the time I completed an arabesque and turned toward the door, Cody, also early that night, was there. Eyes wide open , no doubt. I don't think his sister danced. I don't think he understood. I didn't understand. Why was I dancing? Why didn't someone tell me? Why did anyone let me out of the house?

This incident was months before we ever started dating when I never had a second thought about dating him. And this probably sealed the deal in his mind that I was a weirdo squatty body.

After we'd been dating a while I got up the nerve to ask him if he remembered the incident. He just smiled.

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