Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures at McDonald's

After lunch with the Pioneer Woman and 8 friends from around Velma and Duncan I picked Charis up from her excursions with Aunt Aleshia. She had not eaten and we had an hour until I had to drop her off at Aunt Mandy's and I went to teach the world to sing (on the piano, it can happen)

I wanted to go to the park and swing but we opted for eating and playing at McDonald's.

Charis is a gregarious child and made friends immediately. I love it when my kids make people smile. I feel like I am doing something right, like changing the world for the day.

Wonder if he minds being used in my blog?

So we ordered a 4 piece happy meal and set off for drinks. I have always loved McDonald's orange drink.

This is Charis telling me oh so sweetly NO! It's her favorite word. This too shall pass.

After agreeing I was boss and she was not we went to sit down.

Charis has fallen prey to McDonald's ingenious marketing strategy convincing 2 year olds that McDonald's is pure happiness. Thank goodness I know all that glitters doesn't always glow.

But for the special occasion we do McDonalds. Charis has gotten really good at spotting the golden arches and get's wildly excited when she see's them (or the horse and cowboy at Stockman's Supply in Duncan, meaning McDonalds is close)

Baby joined us for lunch. I love that Charis loves her babies, I did too as a little girl.
She eventually got put in the shoe bend, she just wouldn't sit straight. Plastic!

For future documentation only- the meal.

And this- peace, happiness and fries.
Even if it only lasted 3 minutes. She never did eat the nuggets. She had more important matters- like being her normal climbing self.

And dancing with baby.

Something so sweet about a little girl dancing. Ok, spinning and singing. Rather loudly- in true Deevers/Robbins style.

And my heart was full. I'd had quite a week with my Nepali friend Bishwa. My mother was here, we were talking about family matters between picking up cars that were repaired, ball practice and blue berry salads.

I felt good that I had taken 20 min and let Charis have a few moments of happiness at McDonalds. I was breathing after an exhausting week and anticipating a slower weekend when I noticed this woman sitting alone on the other side of glass.

Wonder if she cares if I took her picture?
And then like a ton of bricks it hit me-What will it be like not to be carting around kids, rushing to practices, wondering at night if I'm doing the right thing. Should I work less? Are my kids getting the best education? Should I workout more? What's for dinner tomorrow night?

It won't be long. Silas will be 10 in a month. Graduating in 9 years. Decades will pass like the years used to. Will I keep a trendy house? Will I wear fashionable clothes? Will I have David do my hair every week? Will I smile at all the momma's and 2 year olds walking into McDonalds as I eat alone content with my memories?

One of the main reasons I had a third child was my desire for lots of grandchildren. It overcame my fear of the unknown world of being outnumbered by children in your home (that I became convinced Cody could control them even if I couldn't)

I don't want to be alone and neither do you. Satan tries very hard to convince us we are alone. In many subtle ways. God saw Adam alone in the garden and all of sudden creation wasn't "good" . Alone was not good. Alone was a problem. So he solved the problem with other people. Cherish those God's put in your path- your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your kids, kids you teach or try to help, friends, neighbors, stray kids that show up wanting food. Love em with all your heart.
For today we are resting in the Lord (even with a booger on her face)

Do not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough trouble of it's own.

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