Friday, April 30, 2010

What happens in the backyard stays in the back yard, except when your mom is a blogger

Silas and Cody are at ball practice tonight. Season starts tomorrow, I am packing a ballgame tote tonight. Candy, blankets, sunscreen, camera, chairs- I LOVE baseball! More on that tomorrow. But a rare occurrence happened and so I grabbed my camera. Cady took Charis out to the trampoline to jump. They were screaming "we are family" and playing so well that I decided to practice with the camera and see what I could capture. This...

Charis wanted me to take a picture of this....

She's pretty limber.

And talented. And funny. She's downright hilarious actually. I moved on to practicing on my budding iris'.

Then Charis got off the trampoline and was talking.She talks a lot, I wasn't really comprehending until she said, "I pee in the grass".

At ball practice the last few weeks there has been no bathroom around and on occasion when she's said she had to go we have tried to get her to go behind a bush. Silas loved peeing in the grass. He even did it in front of the school in PreK. Cady never mastered the act. We felt sure Charis wouldn't either. But tonight she decided to go in the grass. So before I could discourage it she dropped her pants and proceeded. And I just happen to have camera in hand!!

the funniest thing is that she fell! in the dirt, in her puddle....

But it didn't deter her, she continued on.

And actually did ok, not getting soaked in the process. By the time I got close she was done.

The end.


Angela said...

PRECIOUS! These pictures are priceless.

Debbie said...

You're too much!

That split is amazing - she may be your cheerleader. She has always been pretty coordinated.

I love the first pic =)