Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

 When I see pictures like this it gets me excited. (Look closely at the middle for anew plant)  I took these last week in hopes I'd manage to write. I have missed blogging terribly. I don't know where all this is going...but I missed it. For one my mind is very cluttered. I need to get all these ideas out. Thanks for reading. Without you it's just pictures and words.

This is what I've managed to accomplish planting this spring.

I put 6 different herbs in 3 window planters. Somehow manged to not mark them so it's a guess to what any of this is. If you know please comment.
 My flowers are doing well this year too. These iris have been with me since high school. I dug them up and took them to my first home (they were planted in a pot, how weird). They went to Alex with us in 1998, along with Jake :( But finally got into the ground here and have really done well.

 This is one of 2 islands we created in the back yard. This is probably the best it's looked in 7 years. For family night one night we built the rock wall around it.
 This is my raised garden. I bought all the stuff and Cody put it together. I followed the Pioneer Woman's instructions found here
 It's so small, I got some clayey dirt but am thankful for it. A friend helped me till it, add some manure and told me to top it with topsoil, miracle grow. Dirt is seeping out the side however-
 This is island #2 and I'm slowly trying to get it planted. But for now I had the friend till it up and I planted squash and okra- didn't have any more room in the raise bed - we'll see- it doesn't get too much sun out here and okra like the sun. I had a good crop of okra the first year I planted a garden in this yard.

Speaking of "this" yard. Please take note of the trees. We moved to this house in March, no one had been in it all fall/winter. Some ppl in the church came in with a horse trailer and loaded up the leaves. I should've made them sign a contract guaranteeing there return cause it's been a huge chore every year getting rid of the leaves. Some years we've burned, some we've bagged. Last year we hired it out during the remodel - well worth it, that was the best it had ever looked. This year I am adding them to our garbage bin every week. Not a bad plan but at this rate I won't get them all up before they fall again in the fall. We have a blower, I don't know why we aren't mulching. I just want them gone!
 When we moved here there were 140 trees on the property. You read right, 140. Cody cut down at least 40  this first few years. Then the neighbors started complaining. Why complain, they didn't have to rake them?
This is you know who with some bushes I wanted to move this year and it didn't get done. They are pretty when in bloom. And yes she's in her pjs.

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