Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day with Ree...

Well the last week has been a whirlwind, I have so many things to share. If I had it my way I'd spend the entire day tomorrow on the couch writing while Charis watched Dora. Many of you knew I met Ree Drummond today so without further delay I'll recap the lunch...

She is THE BLOGGER of all bloggers...transformed my idea of a good cookbook....brought photography lessons to the common people....built a small empire here ....and nearly won Oklahoman of the year...(sorry Ree that other educator got it) ...kissed James Gardner....and will have a movie made (hopefully starring Reece Witherspoon) of her love story with the Marlboro Man.....She's the Pioneer Woman....PW....P-Dub.....and she made it to Duncan today

My small obsession has influenced a few others like these crazies....

And there was another picture of our table of 8 but it got lost in blogland, maybe we'll find it, maybe not, I don't really care, I am so exhausted.

So we were all giddy with excitement. Kelly Brown hung out with her in the bathroom, we acted like early 90's teens at a New Kids on the Block Concert (no, not a fan, just an illustration)

Then she came in and answered questions...

Then she did her thing ...

While we did ours....

agh! another lost picture, pretend you see Kelly eating here....thank you

On the menu....chicken spaghetti ( I love chicken sp, no one in my family does however so I save it for the potluck dinners- I made it for the Easter and no one ate it so I 've been eating it for lunch for the last 10 days) Olive Bread, mocha brownies, ice berg wedge salad (eaten in that order, just kidding)

I guess I was telling them something I learned while cooking through the entire cookbook. All the pictures are on facebook. (Maybe one day when all the kids are in college I'll post those on here) There is one post about it click here .

I guess they get tired of me talking about this (they told me, I'm not making this up) but all I want is a prize. It's my own made up contest in my own little world over here and all I want is a dutch oven, (in orange pls).

So then we became a little restless, and daring....
Kelly led the way...we tried the nonchalant way of getting a picture with MM then got a little bolder or stupid....we decide to go talk to MM ourselves.

Half way there caution sat in and I thought this might not be a good idea...we did it anyway....

Heck, why not go for the gold...can we have a picture?

Ladd, his real name, was very nice. We even had a short conversation about one of my piano students , Kadee Belle Hall's family. Her dad trains horses and knows his brother.

So after that excursion we sat down to the meal and we left poor MM to a crowd - trend setters we are......

The tables were called randomly and ours actually got called to go up. We all gasped when they called ours. We are so silly.

In the line they had information about the Hospital foundation (this was a fund raising event). And these!!

Cody please take note....

One of the posts I'm working on is a wish list of sorts. They had 2 tables set up this one had monogrammed bags...I was too excited to really look that day, so I got the links

Cool plates too .

And just look at this fun tote!

This one reminded me of one I saw several months ago that keeps food warm (for all those get togethers when no one eats my chicken spaghetti). I'd even take one of these for a "you did it-you cooked through the cookbook-wow " prize

So then after much anticipation and months of reading her blog I met her, showed her my scar from making the chicken fried steak and totally embarrassed all my friends and my wonderful mother in law that paid for my ticket. I am so sorry.

"Ree, Can I have a picture? "

"I don't have a camera right now, excuse me"

"My friend is taking the picture"

" Uh I don't know, I think it maybe that friend over there..."

"Or over here"

The lady running the show...."Next please, we don't have all day..."

"We'll maybe someone got a picture"

Or maybe not....

We did get one of all us Velma girls....and we missed all of those who had to work and couldn't make it.

Dazed and Confused....

Is it really 2010?

What month are we in?

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