Friday, April 23, 2010

Ode to a Camera (or 2)

pWe go way back you and me,
to when the big ones were less than three
I was so excited on that black friday
I went home and put my 35mm quietly away

A Digital,a preview I see
with Easy share features, you were hardly free

I am sorry you got put away
when another camera came
But then you broke on me
And that was lame

You ..little discreet and compact thing
were a surprise gift from my hubby
so excited, I wanted to sing
You captured that new little girl so sweet and chubby

But alas your size was your demise
and you fell right before my very eyes
not once but hundred times galore
with a bang you hit the concrete floor
I will miss you and your charm
and that rubber band wrapped around your arm

Those last few months
you gave it your best
capturing my pioneer cooking
but now you rest
Goodbye blurry pictures
and rubber bands
Your duty is over,
I have a new cannon rebel in my little hands!

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