Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ball Bags

Baseball games officially started today. Did you know I LOVE baseball. We didn't get to play last year and I cried, literally. We are back in the game now and playing real kid pitch baseball! We carry EAston bags.

Here's what I was sporting- camera bag and kid bag. Filled with wipes, concession money, drinks, and a blanket.

Waiting on the ballgames to start. This is Bree, Cady loves her. Good times happen on the sidelines.

I should know I grew up on one as well- that's me in the middle. Best dirt around is at the ball field.

Here's my ball boy. His first at bat he got a hit, got to third only to be forced out at home plate.

We played 2 games, he struck out once and then walked. He played 2nd base and got 2 outs! Proud of you Silas!

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