Monday, May 24, 2010

The Boy

Around here the grass really is greener on the other side. Our neighbors to the east were grandparents/recently retirees and knew how to grow some grass. So we borrow their yard for pictures occasionally. My neighbors to the north came over and took their Christmas card picture in our home this past year- that's just the way we roll on the corner of Wildhorse and 3rd Street.

Purple Baby and I aren't feeling too great today so we aren't going to Silas' ballgame tonight.

Since I wasn't running around filling the ballgame bags with snacks, water and entertainment hoping to get out of the house on time- I grabbed the camera and got a few pictures (on the neighbors green lawn)

These are straight out of the camera, no editing...

I love bubbie's freckles.

This is a look of annihilation.

You are going down Thunder.

He looks so 10, doesn't he?

My pride and joy. The one who made me mom.

The one who is a lot like me.

The one I can spot on the ball field because he stands just like me.

Hit one for me tonight, Silas!

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