Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting a Little Crafty

These are a few pictures of some recent projects. Above- our sidewalk chalk art project.

I have been working too much lately. I miss posting.

2 months. In 2 months I am going on a sabbatical (big word for taking a break) . I am so excited, more later...

I had old beads from some trim that I was done using. I painted the white frame and hot glued them.

This is my brother, who graduated from Southwestern Seminary 2 weeks ago. He had a birthday yesterday. He turned 41 but he'll always be 19 to me!

You may remember him from here

I bought this "caboodle" thing for Cady. She decorated it.

I am on a real big orange kick right now.


I bought ribbon, decorated some flops and made hairbows.

I love my girls.

My mom made these wall pictures for Cady's room several years ago.

We revamped one and put Charis' name on it.

We don't want to leave baby sis out.

On my sabbatical I wow you with scrapbook projects !

Amongst camp, VBS, a mission trip and theater camp, I am remodeling this summer- yikes.

It's a bathroom. Maybe more.

Any ideas?

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