Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Screaming Photos....

Two weeks ago when I was looking through the photo boxes for pictures of our beloved and now deceased dog, Jake, pictures started screaming at me.

I should've plugged my ears and walked away but I didn't.

I decided to share them.

They aren't all bad, but they are educational.

This one didn't make the scrapbook for many reasons. Sacrificing Lamb Chop is disturbing. Pretending to do it in odd costumes is even more so. Cody is fourth from the left. Yes he was involved in the sacrifice of lambchop. Please don't tell PETA.

There are some endearing ones, like this one of Silas and Grandma Marie. We lived beside Marie for three years. All of my grandparents died when I was young so I always wanted a grandmother. I loved every minute. Marie left us in 2004. We send her balloons when we have them. Just keeping her up to date. Although I bet she has the internet and perfect skills too.

And this one, I love Roger, he's been a wonderful father-in-law. And lucky for me I'm his favorite daughter in law!!!He and I share a love for fiddles.

Then there's this...

Be prepared most of these are of my siblings- and most are at Christmas.

And sadly we are adults at the time.

Chris gave me the name giggles, it was because he made us all laugh all the time. And he didn't have to do anything to really make us laugh, it was just his way.

Forgive me for posting this one but it was being really loud, it too had been forgotten and left out of the scrapbooks.

My family loves giving gag gifts at Christmas, these were Chris' but Cody was jealous and tried them on.

That same year Cody bellyached about getting nothing but Brut and Old Spice from his grandparents. So my dad bought him 16 bottles of Old Spice for Christmas. It was hilarious seeing him all excited about all those gifts in the pile and then seeing him open them one by one- and my dad chuckling beside him. Priceless.

My uncle Larry used to tell us we came from a long line of fools. The rest of these may prove it.

My brothers have left me with plenty to laugh at.

They took lots of these kind of pictures through the years. Foolishness. I think I can hear Uncle Larry laughing.

This one too was screaming pretty loud, tried to ignore it but it may lend some insight into this...

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Debbie said...

Where's the picture of dad's "little something to keep him warm when our hands are not close by" LOL. That was by far the FUNNIES moment of my life. Seriously someone should submit it to Reader's Digest or something.