Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conflict Resolution & Mozart

So I had to put the chess game up my self. He never came back. I had beat him in chess and he couldn't stand it. Wouldn't have been so bad had I not missed the good night kissing. But I guess he missed it too cause he came back the next day.

Later on we were driving out toward our youth pastor's home and came across 4 teenagers walking on the road. We stopped and asked them if they needed a ride it was getting late. Turned out they'd come to town with some friends who then left them at a convenient store to get home on their own. One of them was pregnant. They were from Sterling (30 min away) but only asked for a ride to the other side of town. Cody ended up driving them all the way home that night, a storm was coming. Not like we were going to go play chess or anything.

I suppose at some point during the evening we found common ground on the whole losing thing. What I know now is that he needs success in his life. All men do. Failure is abundant. Life is hard, people can be ruthless and in a relationship it's you against the world. He needs to know I have his back.

I observed him that night as he helped people. I saw him go out of his way to rescue 4 stranded teenagers from Sterling. I knew he'd always have my back too so as an Oklahoma storm blew through that night it took our first conflict with it.

Conflict is as old as the garden of Eden- you can't avoid it, you'd better learn to work through it. You pick your battles, I decided I'd rather kiss goodnight than win at chess any day. This is probably why I am romantic musician and not an athlete.

Speaking of music, I had gone to audition at USAO. I never checked into OU very much. My mom had graduated from USAO (one of my professors used to make up other names for it- the University of Saudi Arabians of Oklahoma or the U of Secret Agents). I would qualify for the alumni scholarship. With that and a music scholarship I be set. Besides that good looking snowboarder went there.

I sang Voi Che Sapete from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. I can still sing it too. They loved it. They loved me and so it was decided. I'd be going to school with the Saudi Arabians and the snowboarder in the fall of '95.

In the meantime my new love had a birthday coming up. I'm sure he got accused of "robbing the cradle" while dating me. He was turning 22, I was still 17!

So I really wanted to impress him this time, this was the third gift giving event we'd had since our courtship began. I was willing to pull out all the stops. I'd run out of legendary country CD's to buy. While I've only mentioned Merle and Don, my dad already possessed every Johnny Cash album there was so we were good.

Yes it had to be nice, it had to represent every ounce of affection I had for this young hero of mine. So I decided to sew for him. It's what every man wants isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Lori, You should write a book! Seriously, you should! I love reading your story! Can't wait for the next!