Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some More Romance

It was mid February, I had a boyfriend and we were talking about fish and God and singing Don Williams songs. We spent Wed. afternoons together and Sundays, he was working his way through college. But the off time was our time. I remember one time going with him to get a muffler put on his baby blue Ford Bronco II. A muffler. This is one of those things that seems insane to me now. But then you just wanted to be together. And all guys'll tell you this is romance to them- being involved in what they like. So next time you need the tires rotated, grab a coke and go together or if your a diy-er just watch him, bring him water and be impressed and expect great things.

So I did the right thing and bought him a Merle Haggard CD for Valentines. The Gaither CD went over well and he said he wanted it. And then I opened my present

Purple ski gloves. Because every girl needs gloves.

A girl really doesn't want anything more.

I tried to contain my enthusiasm.

That wasn't all. He also bought me a magnetic photo album, maybe he got a good deal because as every scrapbooker knows those are evil.

I am a "the cup's half full" person and took the scrapbook to heart- we started taking pictures and filing them away- "our book" . There really is nothing better than that word - "ours" . I have a great story about "our" first board game we bought one day. But later...

The gloves- I still have them. I still wear them. On occasion. Like when every-other-pair-are-wet occasions. They are high quality. I know this because when I went in to Walmart there in the "specials" basket by the front door were another pair just like them. I don't care, he wanted to share his love for the snow with me, he wanted to include me in his world and I accepted. That or he was really lazy and practical.

The ski trip was less than a month away and he was getting excited.

The ski trip was a test. I didn't know it until after we'd been together another year. I was informed later that if I made through the ski trip we may have a chance at something long term. I didn't know what this even meant but supposedly Cody had taken many girlfriends skiing in the past and none ever made it through the ski trip. It was the ultimate test with Cody. Why? It probably had something to do with insatiable desire to snowboard that he still gets today or the fit I had seen a year before over his old snowboard.

The other girlies couldn't handle his other love. I on the other hand already knew he had a first love and it wasn't snowboarding. He'd given up his dream of snowboarding full time to follow Jesus Christ. That was his first love. And that's what drew me to him in the end. Like I said I'd never known anyone like him before who talked theology and made me laugh. I was still laughing at his accent and laughing with him about everything under the sun. I am a laugher, it's essential for me to laugh.

So we survived the week.  I past that test in LOVELAND, Colorado!

but there's more, much more...

but for know I leave you with this

and this...

that is all, excuse me I need to go love on this sexy snowboarder...

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