Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cody's Birthday

I'd watched enough "Little House on the Prairie" episodes to know gifts from the heart were the best. I also knew I wanted to marry a man just like Charles Ingalls. My gosh, who didn't? The guy could do anything -find children in blizzards, work a field with broken ribs, keep six pack abs with no P90X.

Cody may not have been exactly like Charles Ingalls but he was quickly on his way to stealing my heart forever. He pumped gas at the Mini Mall like a pro and if they had a Mini Mall award for best windshield washer, he'd win it. Have him wash your windshield and see, he has a gift. Though he wasn't good at losing chess games he helped people in need and I bet he could find lost children in blizzards.

Which kinda makes me wonder what I was thinking when I decided to sew him a rug. What was he going to do with a rug? I guess you can never have enough rugs. Where was he going to put it?

I worked at Lane's Furniture after school during the week and loved it. They sold high end furniture. One day this incredible chair came in with fish print upholstery. I would've bought it for him had it not cost my entire year's paycheck. He seemed like the outdoors type that would appreciate fish on a chair. Charles Ingalls would've like it too.

Somehow I was able to get a hold of some of the material used on that chair. I don't know where I got the idea for a rug. I'd been trained in sewing arts so I had enough skill to sew a line and a corner but not much more.

His birthday is the last day in March. He was just hours short of April fools. As the day approached I had no apprehension about this rug- it was sure to impress. I was proving I could cook and sew, that's all Carolyn Ingalls did, surely it was enough.

And while I don't recall the look on his face, I am quite sure he never saw it coming. I am also sure he had never received anything remotely similar to this work of art. And according to my journal at the time "HE LOVED IT!!!" And he still keeps it in his office even though he had a professional decorator design his office.

I got all the assurance I needed later on when we kissed goodnight. That was getting longer and longer. And while Uncle Larry had long gone back to North Carolina we had my dear reverend mother to notify us when it was time to quit. She'd nicely flicker the porch lights for us. It was time to talk about where all that kissing was leading ...

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