Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping on a Friday

Well it's Friday and typically it's our day off. We took off to the city to exchange some books, wax a snowboard and make a hospital visit. The baby in the hospital got to come home but we still headed "that way".

When I first moved to OK "the city" was a term I didn't get. "What city?" I'd always think when someone would rattle that off. Okie thing- you can call Oklahoma City "the city" and everyone knows to what city you are referring. After 17 years in this state I have morphed into the same laziness, excuse me.

I was avoiding housework and a workout regime so I stowed away in Cody's car. We were doing good till Charis started talking.

No really he invited us and I had hidden agendas for shopping. I think it's become somewhat of an obsession. I just wanted something new.

73 miles into the trip I realize I have 2$. I had not cashed my checks from the week before.

At the first stop I could tell the hidden agenda wasn't gonna work- come Jan/Feb every single year I've known Cody some snow spirit descends and he gets a one track mind- toward snowboarding. And he can't go on till he gets it out of his system. It's here, this year is no different and I think Silas has it now. And those Olympics didn't help. So today we were lead by the snow spirit to Academy & Ski Haus. Then the tex-mex spirit led us to Teds. Ah, sigh, Ted's. It started just off May Ave. in "the city". - homemade tortillas- I really don't need to say any more. It's a must eat if you are there.

We pull in at 10:40, why not beat the rush? Except they didn't open till 11 am. Cody wasn't going to leave but I had 30 stores within reach and 20 minutes- see ya-

I turn on to May Ave leaving Cody with a book, only to remember I don't have any money. Then I see a sign. A garage sale sign!! I am an avid garage-saler and didn't go much last year. So I am fighting withdraws and cabin fever. I knew Cody wouldn't go with me and I had just enough time to hit the one.

She had Starbucks for all the costumers, very sweet Bulgarian lady. Here's what I found...

We need these- we have many Legos- 50 cent

Hebrew prayers, violin and voice, still in shrink wrap- 50 cent, why not...

This one was a toss up. I didn't think Cody would see the point...but you never know when you may need one...

so for 1$ I bought a TIGER HEAD , lol!!! Cody wanted to wear it down the freeway but I wouldn't let him- the whole peripheral vision thing , ya know.

Well if the comets take on the tigers anytime soon...I'll be prepared for the pep rally drama

If you act out something from India, you'll know who to call

I did do a little shopping...Our Walmart doesn't carry this staple in the Pioneer Woman's pantry.So after trying many stores I found it.

And when you live a gazillion miles away from such conveniences you stock up

I also bought some orange ribbon at Micheal's (another post for that) and made us late getting home- thank goodness for good neighbors who look us and our kids.

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I love the tiger head!