Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reading Tests

Well thanks to George W Bush (this is just what the teachers tell me) we have the "No Child Left Behind" initiative and quarterly reading tests. How many words can they read in a minute? Cady- 2nd grader needs to read 90 words per minute, Silas- 3rd grader needs to read 110 words per minute.

I haven't done this before but I thought, "I'm gonna test them a bit". So I put my cell phone on stopwatch and grabbed an old (like 1960) school reader. I pick these things up every now and then. I really don't know why. I like history? I don't have time to ponder this...

So this is the book I picked for them to read

Cute, old, charming...kinda Dick and Jane like.

Here's an up close on these bright, happy, 60's children before Woodstock, Jimmie Hendrix or the Beatles.

I really hadn't looked at it before, the pictures are quaint.

A little dated but....did they have those phones in the 60's? I thought that was like 1800's.

I finally started paying attention and noticed the family was just like ours- boy,girl,littler girl.

Cute isn't it?

Back when they wore gloves (this is how they dealt with germs before having Purell in every corner) and grandmother came to visit in a train. LOL

Back before there were laws making the slats on a crib closer together. This so reminds me of Cady and Charis...

Please excuse the toddler's attempt to add to the illustration. Although it wasn't my toddler that did that.

Then I read a story and boy did it ring a bell...I'll give you the short version...

Baby sister has learned to open the door and goes outside to visit a furry friend. (Is Mother is preoccupied with ironing dad's shirts?)

She takes a little walk.

Only to realize she's 2 and can't get back home. That's when Big Bill finds her.

Thank goodness for Big Bill.

Mom looks happy, like nothing really happened. But inside she's thinking, "o my gosh, Big Bill thinks I'm a loser- no- good mother. I can't believe she got out and away that quickly. Please get me inside, this is so embarrassing. "

I know this because it's what I thought when Charis was brought back to our house by our police officer neighbor. Yes I knew this story rang a bell- I guess it happens, even in the 60's. Thank you Lord for good neighbors.


Shannon said...

When did that happen with Charis?!?

That is a cute book. :)

Jenny Villagrana said...

You are hilarious!