Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Well I just heard Nick Jr. is celebrating neighborhood month. So this post is very appropriate.

One of the things I love about my kids getting older is there ability to write notes. I also greatly appreciate them being able to put up the dishes, the laundry and fix their own snack.

But those notes are priceless.

Some are so sweet. Like this one I posted awhile back....

"it" is a lego club meeting

and "chaires" better stay away! She loves legos. Here's a blast from the pretty recent past. click here

I also love when they add things to the grocery list

Notice how similar Charis' name is to Chairs?

Then there are notes like this that require intervention.

But only after a chuckle, not in front of them though.

I'll give you one guess on who wrote that one!

But a couple of days ago I was changing sheets and crawled up in silas' bunkbed. I found the most interesting map. Seems he's been taking the neighborhood watch program on himself.

To protect the innocent I'll refrain from mentioning the street names here but he got them all right.

Mrs. Bare was both my kids Pre-K teacher. She was wonderful. Not sure what all the circles mean below?

Across the street was this...

On the left is a girl in his class' house. Looks like there is no reported movement.

But the house on the right is apparently haunted. Seems as if he's got some discernment in the "haunted" area.

He also has the ability to make up new words like "detectical" .

Next is our sweet neighbor Ms. Gladys. (on the left here) I love how he spelled her name.

For those on the street around the corner, I am sorry. It's all haunted. It may be all  the dogs down that street?

And looks like the Norton's are clear. They got the yellow circle.

As did Jo, our next door and newest neighbor.

I think the squiggly lines were the grass . It can get a little crazy over there, the grass, that is.

And our house, which is where the spy post is apparently.

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Katie Pogue said...

I love this, Lori! Silas is so smart and this kind of stuff is so fun to kids that age. I actually think it is fun, still. HAHA! Anyways, I am really enjoying reading your blog!