Friday, May 21, 2010

Cooking with Cady

This is the artist.

She is left brained.

You wouldn't know it by the picture but she's a riot.

She's honest to a fault, a free spirit and strong willed.

And I love every inch of her. Especially all the inches I don't understand.

She is my opposite.

Blond hair, blue eyes, cute physique.

But we do share a loss of eye sight.

She got new glasses this week.

We also share a love for cooking.

"That'll work" cooking. Where your taste buds lead the process.

Today I am posting a pictorial recipe of how she makes her favorite mashed potatoes.


She washes and wraps a potato in a paper towel then puts it in the microwave. We have a button you push called baked potato. Easy, I like easy.

Before we had button convenience we baked them 5 to 10 min.

Using a knife she cuts it in two pieces.

Then she'll take off all the skin.

Actually she usually decides it's too hot and she puts it in the freezer for awhile.

Then she puts butter on it.

I don't know why but she thinks margarine is best. Where do kids get their taste buds?

She also adds salt and mashes it with a fork.

She will not eat a potato without this stuff. She loves it, demands it, is adamant about it.

Mash some more. Because it's fun that's why.


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Angela said...

She looks cute in her new glasses! I wish I could cook like that. I like to cook but need a recipe for sure!