Friday, October 22, 2010

On Being a Texas Ranger Fan

It's been hard being a Texas Rangers fan, I am not gonna lie.

You love em, you hate em. You wish they'd get a pitching staff. You wish they'd over come the Yankee curse.

We have eaten more peanuts and steak and lemon chills watching our beloved Texas rangers year in and year out. That's only in the last 15 years.

We've watch merciless bandwagon yankee fans gloat over 120 world series championships.

We've converted all the in-laws to Ranger's fans. 

We've bought the gear, 

(Where did this cutie chubby baby go?)
endured the Texas summer heat, 

even celebrated dad's 65th birthday at a game.

And next week I will proudly wear this shirt because they did what seemed impossible tonight. 

They won a pennant. I made Silas stay awake for it. Inspiring the next generation for a lifetime love of Rangers Baseball. 

I won't pick one person to brag on because teams win not individuals and that's one reason I love baseball. It's about more than one person. 

As I prayed with Silas before bed, I thanked God for the day. For the win no doubt, for his grace that brought Josh Hamilton out of bondage, for hurricane Katrina that brought manager Washington to Texas. For the second chance the team gave him when he messed up and came clean last year. 

But I also prayed about how long us Ranger's fans have waited for this and how long we've waited for Jesus to return. It's a glimpse into his glorious return- don't miss it- I have a feeling it'll make this celebration seem small. 

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