Monday, October 11, 2010

Hunger- Mine and the World's

I have found myself hungry over the last 5 weeks- it's good to be hungry. Your food tastes so much better.

Almost immediately I knew what I was supposed to do with any money won from this contest- we have a local food bank that is always in need of help and donation and a year ago I was blessed to meet 8 Nepali orphans that stole my heart forever. Their care givers live month to month- and funding has been down this year.

Every time I get hungry I remember them and the billion other people around the world who will go to bed hungry tonight.

My little GA brought this information home last week-

It's world hunger month. And we are raising money for it.

The calendar gives us ideas. Just look...

Each day we read the challenge and do it. She marked out the one that said, "clear the table without being asked" Cady has asked others around the neighborhood to donate and we had the guys that come hang out with Cody to donate pocket change.

Here's where we put it...

Hungry and doing something about it,

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