Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Set it, they will come

I set the table once a week

At noon for a group of girls. 

Started out when one asked about her salvation, 
she had been to camp with me and been saved years before. 

I don't have much time in the afternoons since I teach but I love to have lunch with people. 

I set the table, she came. We worked it out.

A meal is a magical thing. 

All I do is cook it and they come. While I enjoy cooking I think they'd come even if I warmed up spaghetti o's. It's not because they love me. It's because something happens around the table that none of can really explain. 

The bread of HIS presence. See Exodus 25:30

Joins us. 

We eat, we eat well. But more happens than just food consumed. 

we laugh, I tell stories, they pour out hurts, ask questions, celebrate birthdays

Life around the table is good. 

This day held an illustration- the corelle I grew up eating off of-

Things are different now than they were when I was in high school (omg gulp) 20 years ago. 
(am I really that old? when did I get old?)

But God is the same- his truth remains- his activity may be different but his character is steadfast. 

So I mix the oil and the vinegar. 

Kneed the dough. 

Eat of the Earth's bounty and thank him for his goodness.

Even when justice isn't served and hearts are breaking and boys are cruel.....

Set it, yours will come too.

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