Friday, February 17, 2012

Part of the Journey

Many moons ago I bought this tshirt. 
It's been one of my favorites. 
I wear it often. 

This crazy couple were selling them. 
They heard God speak about something he wanted them to do.
To open their hearts to another child. 
One not of their blood. 
One not of their country. 

I have prayed for them.
Followed their posts.
And smiled when I finally saw this one...

We are coming home!!! All THREE of us!!!  Cant wait to see all your smiling faces at 

the airport--it's going to be a great celebration!!! Only God could do this!!

They have a story to tell. 
Of obeying despite the cost.
Of counting it all JOY (James 1:2)
Of finding wisdom (James 1:5)
Of a life worth fighting for.
Of blessings you didn't know where even there.

I can't wait to hear it, I am so glad I didn't miss my part in their journey. 

Home is such a nice word.


Billy and Kate said...

How precious! I love the shirt, too - any chance they're still selling them? :)

totegirl said...

last I checked they didn't have anymore but I'll ask