Thursday, February 16, 2012

Raising Tweens

I surrender. 

(picture taken at our friend Leona's murder mystery party)

I am now parenting tweens. 

I have been for a year depending on who's definition you use for tween but I am just now embracing it. 

I took this picture at Cady's slumber party and it made me tear up at what it represents...

Innocent play days being taken over by adolescence. 

What I have learned so far....

1. They still love tradition. (valentine's breakfast in bed)
Tradition is security to them. Everything is changing in their worlds, from bodies to friends- it's all shakey.
 Keep the traditions going.

2. They are creative. Use it! 

From legos to homemade valentines put those minds to work!

3. They love a party. Invite the friends over and often.

4. They are extremely interested in spiritual things.
 It's not too late, they are forming world views that will last a lifetime. They need good information. I am a Christ follower. We read the Bible with them, give them good information, talk about spiritual questions in the car, at the table and in bed- anywhere they want to talk about it. We don't shy away from the hard questions and let them know we don't have all the answers. 

(saved Nov. 29, 2011, baptized Christmas day 2011)

5. They love and need responsibility. 
Figure out what you can let them do and then let them do it. 
Faith is active, they love serving along side us on mission trips, in the nursery, at the food bank....

6. They are extremely goofy. 
Enjoy it, I have a feeling it doesn't last forever :)

7. They love hanging out with their parents. Go figure...

Enjoy this too, it won't last long. 
These days of hugs and talks and "I wanta go with you"s don't last long. Say yes to them on this.

Hug 'em, Hold 'em, Love 'em!

8. They like alone time with mom and dad, separately. 
If you are looking for that perfect tween birthday gift. Look no further than a homemade coupon book with  "stay home from school", "daddy date", "day out with mom" "shopping trip" stuff...

(I took this as a sign Cady wanted to get away and have a little one on one time) 

9. The clothes. 
Oh my. 
Don't get me started. 

These pictures are cute,
but I have seen some crazy stuff walk out of the bedroom in the mornings. Flip flops and summer dresses in winter, colors that are clearly wrong, yoga pants and uggs, sanuks and windpants? And the fact that they have favorite clothes now that they try to wear 4 out of 5 days.  

These are good years. 


Angi said...

I like this. I have a grade schooler, tween, and a teen. It makes family outings a little more difficult to play, but always...almost A wise friend told me once that her advice is to say yes to as many things as you can because the yes's will get fewer as they get older....

Billy and Kate said...

This is such a great post, Lori. I love it! You are such a wonderful Mom!