Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One powerful meal

Tomorrow night I will celebrate the passover seder meal with the wed. night girls. We'll remember the last supper Jesus had with his friends and the promise that he will drink that fourth cup with us again at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

But last night I ate with old friends. It was so nice.

I fixed chicken fried steak for the adults and steak bites for the kiddos. Corn and asparagus, a fresh citrus salad, gravy and buiscuits and my husband's mother's recipe for green stuff (a cool whip/cottage cheese/lime jello/pineapple thing). Complete with 3 different kinds of desserts. It was good.

I left the dishes for the time with our friends. Dishes will always be with me. They will not.

The conversations were wonderful. Only coffee would've made it sweeter, but I am fasting from that.

(My stash patiently waiting, ready for Sunday, I am assuming that's the end of lenten)

It was a night when you left you felt satisfied from physical hunger and soul hunger. When you were glad you were alive. When you have faith in God redeeming humankind.

Those dishes they didn't take too long...

The encouragement from the evening will last much longer.

It is why I cook. It is why I serve the food. That souls may learn of love. That hearts leave full.
It will be my life long mission- set the table, bring the food, & watch God show up!

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