Monday, April 2, 2012

The bags of my life....

This little bag goes with me everywhere these days....

I have begun invisiline. While painful the first week I have gotten good at taking them out. I brush and floss every time I eat. It's a great preventative against snacking between meals. Too much work!

And here is the only picture I'll ever post without my invisiline (which have a "ponic" in them for my missing tooth) Try not to laugh, I dare ya...

We were missing the same tooth, her's is nearly back in. She keeps hoping mine will come in. It's funny how this whole crazy no tooth experience has connected me with all the kids...they don't care all their friends are missing teeth. Another reason I love kids.

Spring break cleaning leads to blessing others with Charis' outgrown clothes.

A student brought this one in today....

I love it! 

Me and the wed night small group girlies are reading through the Bible this year, we finished Joshua last week, so many good life verses in Joshua. We link one word with each book, for me Joshua got the word, "enjoy". 

But it really sums up what God's been doing in my life. Showing me he is where ever I am. In the hard, the mundane, the good, the exciting, the silly and even the sad. The "with me" God. 

I am counting the gifts. Gratitude in all things. 
It's where I see God. 

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