Friday, November 12, 2010

A catch up post

Here's what we've been doing and I've been thinking....

Grandma Lilly died. She wasn't my grandmother, that's what everyone called her. She was 92 in 1998 when Cody and I went to Alex to pastor. She beat us young girls at falls creek ladies retreat huffing and puffing up the hills. The service was very sweet and I've been thinking a lot about her all week. How a woman well acquainted with  grief kept going, giving and growing. She set the bar on Biblical womanhood. I want to display the glory of God like grandma Lilly did. I want my three kids, their kids and grandkids to be able to get up and talk about me at my funeral. To not be so upset that they couldn't talk. To have enjoyed the years given and grieve with hope of restoration at the return of Christ.

I love singing with a full band- oh my. 8 years ago I wasn't sure my heart could take anymore....I wasn't sure my God wanted me and my pride leading worship. I was honored to lead 5 services this week with 6 other amazing musicians. 15 years ago I would've been dreaming of recording, more gigs, stardom. But at this point in my life I am so content to just praise God and be thankful.

I have determined I am in a new stage of life and it's okay. I am not a spring chicken anymore. I guess this is the "summer" of my life....but I am in early June :). Again I don't regret getting older- a privilege denied to many.

We were given some rabbits. Maureen and McGregor (respectivly)

 Don't know how long we'll have Cody's allergic so they stay outside. Don't know if we can keep them all winter or not.

 Our local princess set Mcgregor free one day. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to catch him but we did.

The big kids are having to feed and clean cages. It's good for them to have something to take care of.

Speaking of the princess...

She has been enjoying her birthday gifts. She has that hand on her hip most of the day.

We celebrated her birthday, homecoming and trick or treated all in one week. A few pics...

Let's see we've also had pink eye last week, just the girls.

I had 3 nice lunch dates this week and fixed dinner for a new mom in our church and had our guest preachers and their lovely families over this week. I made a delicious brisket. So thankful for the friends God has put in our lives.

Been studying God's amazing and unfailing love. I just love the fact that my relationship with God gets better and better. That his word still speaks after I've read it so many different times.

Football playoffs start tonight and we've supposedly had our first cold front come through but it was a lot of hype- although 2.5 hours outside tonight won't likely be warm. Bringing my own hot drinks.

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