Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dog Daze

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We added a new puppy to our home in Dec. last year and have watched him grow ginormous this past year. Ginormous is a word isn't it?


Deacon, the servant dog

has us in a daze

He can be sweet....

He likes to visit me as I the sink

But funny aside....

The dog is taking out the entire back yard. 

that seat, completely gone now, He started on the finders and tires too before we removed it from his bite

used to be a flower garden

used to produce tomatoes and peppers and green beans

our backyard always has debris from his latest victim

see the blue?

it's from here.....

from the poles, 
he's trying to take down the entire trampoline

and he's succeeding

the new entrance thanks to Deacon...


He will not have the trampoline. 

This is were he must be stopped!

Cody's concerned about this...

he's ripping apart his dog house. 

Oh. My. Word! 

So ignorant you don't destroy your home. 

Where will you sleep when the ice storms come Deacon? 

He's doing this because he's a puppy and he doesn't know better
 but me, I have no excuse.

Proverbs 14

 1 The wise woman builds her house,
   but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

What I do every day either builds up my home or tears it down. 

My schedule- do we have balance? do we enjoy the world around us? the people around us? 

My words- do they build up or tear down? my reactions?

Are my hands holding theirs? Are they feeding them well? Reaching out to help?

Or am I chasing other worthless things? 

Carrying too many totebags to too many places?

Holding too tightly to the things of this world while ignorantly tearing things apart?

Deacon will calm in years, I can calm in minutes.

Minutes focused, stilling myself before the Creator, Redeemer & Lover of my Soul. 

But I am keeping an eye on the backyard trampoline, 

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