Saturday, October 1, 2011

A totegirl's dream job

"Can you take pictures at our event Saturday?" the servant asked.

"Absolutely, I can!" The totegirl replied.

The event was to raise awareness and donate bags for the children in our state who are in foster care situations.

It was sponsored right here in Stephen's County

by this Organization- Abba's Hands

find them on facebook too

there were other groups there

along with our local DHS

and some good food

This was any totegirl's dream job.

I'll start with the bags.

My personal favorite  brought by a Velma girl!!

Recognize this cutie?

Speaking of recognizing....

these two have been on this blog before and look

they are still holding their coffee, lol

love it!

Oh the teenagers...

This picture reminds me of falling in love

The adults....

I do believe that's Cory Holland our district representative right there in the dark blue!
and some Immanuel Baptist ministers Jackie Allen & Brian Holland

The families were precious...

Some who know the beauty of adoption :)

the siblings were cute

They made their own shirts- that's amazingly creative

gotta get my cuties in there....

But the little ones, oh they did me in....

and like these comet kids....

and this darling..

and this toteboy

There were groupies

and couples

and twinkies

All just following the signs

Following those who have lead out in this....

This adventure

This calling...

This great need...

Children don't prepare for leaving their environments.

And they certainly don't plan and pack like you would to go on a vacation.

Children, when taken from there homes and placed in foster care,
 usually put all that they hold dear in a trash bag.

What we put on the curb they carry close.

And then they wait.

For someone to invite them into their home.

To say, "I care. I hurt because you hurt. I see you. I see what brought you here and God sees the what brought you here. You are wanted. You are loved. You are worth my time and sacrifice.
And I know about God who redeems."

Sacrifice has always been at the heart of worship.

We have plenty of bags now...

what we need are homes.



Melissa Rose said...

What a great way to show just how awesome of an event this truely was.
The Rose Closet

Shannon said...

Great job with the photos and telling the story. I wishe I could have been there!

totegirl said...

thanks for visiting the site,ladies, there is much to be done, we all have a part to play in the great command given to us to look after orphans and widows.