Monday, October 17, 2011

A new camera totebag

You know my motto- 

"use what you have"

There used to be a show where the decorator people would come in and remodel only using what was already in the house. Genius!

Well when we invested in a slr camera spring 2010 I needed a camera bag. 

Couldn't find one I liked. 


And if I was gonna pay the $80 tag price I wanted something I really liked. 

So for the last 18 months I have been using what I had....

hideously ridiculus

I have had time to think about what I wanted in a bag...

shoulder straps, not too big, room for other things like phone, keys, water bottle

And what do you know I found this at a yard sale the other day...

Perfect, I took dividers from the old bag and pinned them in to separate the extra lens from the camera. I rarely take more than two lenses anywhere. 

It had a nice front pocket for the charger and usb cord. I love it! 

And that is why I garage sale, because you just never know what you are gonna find for 


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